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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Post 453 - Soffrok - Set Me Free / 2 O’clock In The Morning

Rick Turk started playing the piano when he was 5. He joined a band at 14 and they were doing school dances within a year or so. They ended up doing supports for a few of the well-known bands around Sydney at the time. The singer in the band, 'The Blue Feelings' went on to change his name to Marty Rhone. The rest of the band went their own ways and ended up in different bands. Rick went off to Uni to do a degree so that he'd have "something to fall back on." At Uni, he met a couple of guys through a mutual friend, who played bass and piano respectively. We found a great drummer and a group was born. We started off by being a backing group and they ended up with a recording contract with Alberts Productions ourselves. They couldn't think of a name for the group, but they were playing a kind of soft rock style of music, for restaurants, clubs and piano bars etc, so what did this really creative foursome do, they called it 'Soffrok'. No one ever got the spelling right at venues. They recorded 5 of Rick's songs but only one was ever released, "Set Me Free" b/w "2 O’clock In The Morning (AP-9848) here for you to download, actually made it to #40 on the charts with the help of producer Simon Napier-Bell. "We were off" - or so they thought - with dreams of tours around the world and giant album sales. But it wasn't to be. The band split up 2 years later. Other members of the band were Jeremy Paul and drummer John Proud.
Jeremy went on to join Air Supply replacing Chrissie Hammond when she left to form Cheetah. John Proud was drummer on the "Crystal Voyager" album and then joined Crossfire and the Leon Berger Band.

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