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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Post 460 - Sebastian Hardie - All Right Now / The Professional

Sebastian Hardie were Australia's first symphonic rock band. They were initially formed in Sydney in 1967 as Sebastian Hardie Blues Band but dropped the 'Blues Band' reference when they became pop-oriented. By 1973 they developed a more progressive rock style, and later performed as Windchase, but they disbanded by 1977. An early member of Sebastian Hardie was Jon English, who became better known after he left and starred as Judas Iscariot in the Australian version of the stage musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" in 1972, he subsequently had a solo career as a singer, actor and scriptwriter. A later member, Mario Millo became a multi-award winner for his television and movie music. Sebastian Hardie's other early members included Graham Ford, Peter Plavsic and his brother Alex Plavsic. After English and Ford had left, the Plavsic brothers were joined by Millo and Toivo Pilt. With their addition, Sebastian Hardie developed extended progressive rock tracks to become a symphonic rock group before they released their definitive album Four Moments in 1975, which peaked at #13 on the National albums chart. They followed with a second album Windchase in 1976, but it had less chart success. Millo and Pilt formed the band, Windchase, to release Symphinity in 1977, it was a heavier jazz-fusion album but didn't have chart success and they disbanded. Here for you to download is their first single from 1973 on RCA "All Right Now" b/w "The Professional" (102349), both sides were penned by Daniel Boone.


AussieRock said...

Thanks for this rarity Ozzies
I'm very keen to hear the B-Side
They really changed direction with their music when English left, didn't they. I was a big fan of Symphonic Rock at the time and loved 4 Moments

Rosie R. said...

I enjoyed it too!

It was only recently I had heard of symphonic rock and album orientated rock.

Very enlightening.

I do hope you get your PC up and running again - we are all missing you!

Heathan said...

Only just found this site.

I had almost forgotten about SH, thank you for this wonderful site.
Does Rosie R comment mean you are off air so to speak. I hope you get back although it much be hard to find something new.
Along time ago on another site you said you had a copy of Redgum's "Liberal Values". Do you put it up or is it still too touchy.
Would love to finally hear the words, have been curious ever since the album came out with the sticker saying it wasn't included.

Again great site