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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Post 473 - The Two Man Band - Single Collection

"Up There Cazaly" is an Australian sporting catchphrase inspired by former St Kilda and South Melbourne great Roy Cazaly ("Up there Cazaly" was "a phrase that would be shouted by team mate Fred "Skeeter" Fleiter when he wanted Cazaly to go for a mark"). The expression later became the basis of a song recorded and composed by The Two Man Band (Mike Brady & Peter Sullivan). The song was recorded in 1979, intended as a promotion for Channel Seven's Australian Rules Football (VFL) coverage. The single, released on the Fable Records label, sold over 250,000 copies and became the largest-selling Australian single ever released up to that time. Peter Sullivan has written arrangements and produced albums for many of Australia’s leading artists including Pseudo Echo, Little River Band, Daryl Somers, Ricky May, Normie Rowe, The Seekers, Colleen Hewitt, Dennis Walter. Mike Brady was one-third of the 1960s pop act MPD Ltd. (which stood for Mike, Pete and Danny) which had hits with "Little Boy Sad" and "Lonely Boy". The band toured Australia and the U.K. He has written songs for popular Australian artists such as John Farnham and Tina Arena. He also wrote the song "Courage in their Eyes" for the Seven Network's Olympics coverage.  Here are the five singles released between 1979/85 “Up There Cazaly” b/w “The Winner’s March” (Fable-FB-329), “One Day In September” b/w “Look Up In The Sky” (7-MS-449), “There’s A Little Bit Of Cazaly In Us All” b/w “Twenty Five Years In The Outer” (Full Moon-FMS 2105), “We’re Gonna Grab That Cup” b/w “Hobart” (Fable-FB-1057) and “You Are Australian” b/w “ You Are Australian (Instrumental)” (Full Moon – FMS 1001)


dodo_fleet said...

Thanks for the upload Ozzie :)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find a downloadable version of the `B' side to There's A Little Bit Of Cazaly in Us All. It's a narrative titled `25 Years In The Outer'. Can you help?


Ozzie Music Man said...

Hi Doug that track you're after is included in this download. All the Two Man Band A's and B's are here.