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Monday, 11 November 2013

Post 474 - Tintookies – The Tintookie March – Imagine-Reprise

Peter Scriven played a huge role in establishing puppetry as a serious art form in Australia. His Tintookies and Little Fella Bindi toured all over Australasia. The Tintookies, from an Aboriginal word meaning 'little people who come from the sand hills', was an elaborate marionette musical first staged by creator Peter Scriven at the Elizabethan Theatre in Sydney in 1956. After the success of this production, Tintookie   became the generic name for any of the puppets used by the Marionette Theatre of Australia, formed by Scriven under the auspices of the Elizabethan Theatre Trust in 1965.  After a spell in Singapore and Malaysia, Scriven returned to Sydney in 1973 as puppetry consultant to the Australian Council for the Arts. In late 1974 Scriven put together a new version of The Tintookies. Utilising around 100 near life-size marionettes, this was the biggest puppet production ever undertaken in Australia. It premiered at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne on 8 January 1975 and toured Asia in early 1976. In 1974 the Tiookies released a double A sided single here for you to download for Festival Records “The Tintookie March” b/w “Imagine-Reprise” (MX-46139). Many of the Tintookie marionettes now live in the archives of the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney.

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Rosie R. said...

I actually went to see this in Melbourne in the 1950's!!

Didn't know there was any special music to go with it.