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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Post 499 - John Vincent - Owyagoin' LP

 Back in 1967, Adelaide disc-jockey John Vincent would spend Saturday afternoons at the Arkabar Hotel, listening to music of local rock band 'The In-Sect.  Sometimes after a few liquid courage ales, John would talk his way on stage to perform the only song he knew. It was a song he composed called "Owyagoin'?" The lyrics were:
· "Owyagoin'? - Alright
· Crack a coldie - you beaut
· Seeyalater - hooroo"

It was eventually decided that a song of such lyrical complexity should be recorded for prosperity. It also transpired that the In-Sect had one song to go, to finish a recording contract. So why not? Thus commenced the John Vincent musical phenomenon. Here to download is the 1973 LP for RCA Records "Owyagoin' (OMC-178)


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe it can be done, but Laurie Allen did a pared-down version of Owyagoin' at the end of his last album, the posthumous "Me 'n' Jack Daniels" (2003). He strings two verses out of the opening exchange and then reprises the first one. The whole song comprises five words (three if you count owyagoin as one). Vincent would have approved. It's kind of right that Laurie never does sing "See Ya Later." Unc

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone has preserved the legacy of the late,great John Vincent,the greatest man ever to broadcast on Adelaide radio.Many thanks for this one,takes me back to my youth.

Anonymous said...

a great piece of fun

Thanks Ozzie