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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Post 496 - Swordfish - Swordfish EP

Sydney band Swordfish released this EP in 1991 on Volition Records. Swordfish  drew their inspiration from such sources as Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and The Beatles.  This EP featured two singles “Wrap” and “Paralytic”. Between 90-94 they recorded three EP’S a mini LP and two albums. Unfortunately they lost their drummer Rob Hodgson in a fatal crash on the way to a gig, he was only 26. I once read, “Rob Hodgson was one of the greatest ever drummers from Sydney, an extremely interesting and smart and lovely guy”. Here to download is their first EP “Swordfish” (VOLTCD42). Members include: James Dixon (vocals and guitar); Pete Marley (bass and vocals); Pete (guitar, synths and organs); and Rob (drums). Members were sometimes credited on releases with only their first names. 


Badger said...

Thanks for sharing mate! Much appreciated!

AussieRock said...

Hey Gary
Finally got around to listening to this one - and I gotta say I'm really enjoying this.
What a wonderful fresh sound and so sad to know that the 'driving force beat' in the band is no more due to tragic circumstances.
Thanks for sharing this 'gem' mate

billybadbum said...

The un-surnamed Pete on guitars is Peter Hickson, and Rob, obviously, is Rob Hodgson. Peter Marley is formerly of The Flies (two singles on Pagan Records in the mid-80s) and currently plays in The Nature Strip with ex-Flies comrade John E.

DoFunky said...

Thanks so much for this, had this on CD when I was younger and the cd deteriorated badly over the last 5-10yrs to where it wouldn't play anymore. I only mentioned Swordfish to a group of friends recently when we were talking about Aussie alt/indie acts who should of made it bigger. Thanks again :-)