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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Post 495 - Homer - Ol' Blue Jeans - New York City

Homer - (Terry Britten & Brian Peacock ), Terry Britten’s contribution to the legendary Twilights has been well documented … as was his production / song writing for many Aussie acts. Terry partnered Brian Peacock (ex-Procession ; Joy Band ; Playboys ; Librettos & Western Flyer) in Homer which released this single “Ol’ Blue Jeans’ b/w “New York City (FB-100) in 1971 for Fable Records, recorded in London and produced by David Mackay. Not a lot of other info is available on Homer as I gather they separated leaving Britten to blossom as a songwriter racking up an impressive catalogue of hits for major artists. Britten presently has a home in Richmond, London, and a home recording studio called State of the Ark. 


Anonymous said...

The Fable legend strikes again. Thanks for another gem. Unc

Anonymous said...

Hi Ozzie

The old blues jeans track sounds like a Marty Rhone song that I cannot put my finger on. Thanks for the share