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Friday, 21 March 2014

Post 494 - Railroad Gin - Christmas Bowl Souvenir - Rock Masses For Brotherhood and Vision EP

Apart from a couple of jingles and a demo recording of Ruby Tuesday , this custom recorded EP was apparently the first commercially available recording by Railroad Gin, the legendary  Brisbane band fronted by singer/songwriter Carol Lloyd. Rock masses were happening around Australia during the early 70's (e.g. performed by Perth band Bakery), and Railroad Gin', besides their harder-edged rock material, wrote material to suit such events. One of the highlights of their career was a Rock Mass they performed with the Queensland Youth Orchestra at St. John’s Cathedral in Brisbane in 1973.The rarely-encountered EP features Railroad Gin performing some of this Rock Mass material (without orchestra) and would be a welcome addition to any serious collector. This 1973 independent EP was a give-away on the day of the Mass and is one of Railroad Gin's most highly sought after recordings. Here to download is that EP “Christmas Bowl Souvenir - Rock Masses For Brotherhood and Vision” (AW-33130). Their second single and major hit “A Matter of Time” was released in 1974 on the Polydor label. 


John Neill said...

Hi Ozzie,
Thank you very much for The Railroad Gin download. I am a great fan of theirs and Carol, but I hadn't heard of this EP.
Saw them live many times in Brisbane night clubs in the mid seventies.
Thanks again and keep up the great work.

AussieRock said...

Thanks for the share Ozzie
Sounds like a real rarity in deed - how did you come across it?

Ozzie Music Man said...

Hi AussieRock a friend of mine Peter gave me all his Railroad Gins LP's and singles to fix up and this was among them. Till then I'd never heard of it either but is pretty rare to track down these days from what I can find out.