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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Post 515 - SCRA – It’s A Game - Love is a Lonely Day

SCRA (Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly) was made up of 11 members who came from the UK, Oz and NZ. The band also incorporated various styles of rock and pop. They could rock with big band tracks similar to Blood, Sweat & Tears and then take it down a notch to quiet love songs. Based in Sydney, they were popular on the local club scene. Their first album combined a big band sound with some progressive leanings and a few pop moments. The album spawned three singles; “C.C. Rider”, “Roly Poly” and “Sydney Born Man” on M7 Records. The second LP “The Ship Album” was more in a bluesy progressive jazz-rock vein.  It was mixed at The Hit Factory in New York during a U.S. tour. Their brand of 'big band' jazz-rock went down well in the States. This included the ten-minute, ambitious "Something Like The Feeling". The album inevitably got a U.S. release, though in a single sleeve, not the gatefold version which graced the Australian public. They released one further single here for you to download “It's A Game’ b/w “Love Is A Lonely Day” (10012) the A side was a non LP track. SCRA Band Members were: Mickey Leyton, Sheryl Black, Ian Saxon - vocals: Peter Martin, Jim Kelly - guitars; Dave Ellis - bass; Russell Dunlop - drums; Ian Bloxsom – percussion Mick Kenny - trumpet; Don Wright - saxophone & flute; Greg Foster - trombone & harmonica. I recently sent a copy of the two LP's to Sheryl Black this is what she wrote back to me…..Hi Gary......wanting to thank you for the surprise this morning when the cd's arrived...this all happened 42 years ago .I call those years my other was interesting hearing a young voice as well as the songs...all came back. Sadly Mick Kenney and Russell Dunlop are no longer with us....I recently did a couple of gigs with Jim Kelly as he lives up here too...he has his own recording studio now and is in demand....I had only done a handful of gigs over 20 years as I changed direction for a good I'm doing a little and so far it's been fun......thanks again for you kindness I enjoyed listening again.....Sheryl......

If you want a listen to these great LP’s head over to  And thanks to Hugh for this single. 

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