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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Post 517 - Trevor Wilson - Sweat On The Change - Calling Home

Born in New Zealand Trevor Wilson has been in a few bands over the years like The Mergers ’64, La De Das ’65-’70, Manna ’72, Home ’72-’73, Rhythm ‘N Blues ’74 and spent a month with Company Caine. In 1971 he released this single for Warner Bros. Records “Sweat On The Change” b/w “Calling Home” (WBA-4005) it was produced by G.Wayne Thomas. Now if you believe the label “Sweat On The Change” is the A side but according to the “Who’s Who Of Australian Rock” 5th edition “Calling Home” was the A. Either way both good songs in my books. Trevor penned both sides and in 1994 released an album called “One Sunny Nite”.  

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