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Friday, 22 August 2014

Post 524 - The Breakers - When I'm On T.V. - Lipstick And Leather

After OL’55 split, Jim Manzie and Geoff Peterkin had formed a more contemporary-sounding rock band by the name of The Breakers. Jarryl Wirth (guitar; ex-News, The Lonely Boys), Scott Douglas (rhythm guitar, vocals; ex-Class) and Martin Fisher (keyboards) completed the line-up. The Breakers were described as `heavy metal pop that combined Beach Boys vocals, Ramones guitar riffs and Buggles synthesisers'. From early on, the band was highly touted; indeed, the single `When I'm on TV'/`Lipstick b/w Leather' (MS-417) (August 1980) was tough guitar pop in the style of UK outfit The Motors. Nevertheless, The Breakers did not get the chance to fulfil any early promise because the band broke up a year later. Manzie concentrated on his production duties (Innocents, Loaded Dice, Choirboys).

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Marty said...

I remember this one well. A great track and they showed plenty of promise, but alas the band didn't last..what a shame...thanks for posting..from Marty at