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Friday, 22 August 2014

Post 525 - Francis Butler - There Is no Escape LP

After the 69’s departed in 1976 Francis Butler released a solo religious album in 1978, “There Is No Escape” (RH-011), on independent label, Rhema, before travelling to the United States and becoming a religious minister. There doesn’t seem to be much info on him after he moved to the States that I can see.  Most of the songs on “There Is No Escape” follow a melodic rock style.  Songs such as ‘You Can Know For Sure’ and the title track have progressive and jazz-rock edges, including Yes like synthesizer arrangements.  ‘Hungry Man’ and the boogie rocker ‘Jesus Said’ both give an opportunity for Francis to get down with his harmonica, while ‘With Jesus’ provides a reflective acoustic ballad mood.  Some of that old jug-band background from the 69’s carries over into ‘My Melody’, ‘I’m Really Diggin’ His Music’ and ‘you’d like Me to Be like Everyone Else’, all of which feature Francis on lead kazoo.  The latter song makes use of that Rudy Vallee “megaphone” vocal style, as does the brief vaudeville ‘Some Little Bug’.  Opens and closes with short arty instrumentals called ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’ featuring electric guitar and spacey electronics.  Francis also plays acoustic and 12-string guitars. The LP was recorded in Airbourne Studios Brookvale Sydney. Musicians on the album are Grahame Wardrop, Randall Waller – guitars, Bill Grahame, Phil Truscott – bass, Steve Wyatt – keyboards, Chris Neale – moog, Barry Stewart, Jim Young – drums and Executive Producer was David Smallbone. A BIG! Thank you to Graham sorry for the 46 seconds of hell but well worth it in the end because I could not have posted this LP without your help. Like someone once said “The things we do for music” 

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