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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Post 532 - Robin Jolley - Midnight Woman – Rock ‘N’ Roll Star

Robin Jolley started singing with the Melbourne group “Windy & Warm” whilst in his mid teens. Neville Kent discovered him and enticed him to come to Hobart where he got him off the ground as a solo singer. The next step was a record deal, in 1972 he returned to Melbourne in the search for one. Radio DJ Paul Konik introduced him to Brian Cadd  which presented him with a song called “Marshall’s Portable Music Machine” which Brian had co-written with Don Mudie. Cadd and Konik produced the single and it was snapped up by Fable Records. Robin released five singles and a EP and LP for Fable and three other singles. Here to download is his 1976 single for Festival Records “– Midnight Woman” b/w ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” (J-6410). The single was produced by Larry Murray and John French. The A side was penned by New Seekers Marty Kristian with the B side written by Ian Mason from Kush. In May 1977, Jolley became a vocalist with Melbourne band the Echoes. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ozzie

Robin Jolley as you mentioned had the hit with Marshalls Portable ect

So it is great to hear another song from him.