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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Post 535 - Carrl & Janie Myriad - Last Saturday (We Fell In Love Again) - I've Got My Heart Set On You

Obscure folk duo, Carrl & Janie Myriad were a popular husband & wife duo on the Melbourne circuit in the early 70's. Carrl & Janie went on to form one of our first country/folk bands, the self-named Myriad.  For a long time the band held a residency at the famed Station Hotel in Prahran, They released this single for Fable Records in 1970 “Last Saturday (We Fell In Love Again” b/w “I’ve Got My Heart Set On You” (FB-003). In 1972 they released their only LP “Of All The Wounded People”, released on Spin records.  Carrl & Janie separated & Janie reverted to her maiden name Janie Conway, helping to form, with Jane Clifton, another popular band of the late 70's, Stiletto. Janie is also the sister of Mic & Jim Conway of Captain Matchbox. I recently seen this single on EBay for $146.00 I think I paid about $3.00 for mine. 

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