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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Post 536 - Greedy Smith - Love Harmonica LP

Greedy Smith is the pseudonym of Andrew McArthur Smith born on the 16th January 1956,in Sydney, who is a vocalist, keyboardist  and songwriter with Mental As Anything. Smith wrote many of their hit songs including "Live it Up" which peaked at No. 2 on the Australian singles chart. At college he met fellow students, Martin Murphy, Chris O'Doherty, David Twohill and Steve Coburn, whose band, Mental As Anything, had been playing art school parties and dances since May 1976. While playing harmonica in another band at the time, Smith started appearing on stage with Mental As Anything from around December. He was eventually cajoled fellow Mental As Anything members to learn keyboards on an old wedding reception organ to fill in their sound and he quit his other band. In 1982, Smith played with Twohill in a group called The Space Shuttle Ramblers that recorded an EP, however the tapes were destroyed in a studio flood prior to release. In 1992, during the Mental As Anything sabbatical he formed a side group called Greedy's on the Loose that played gigs and recorded however no product was released. In 1996 he recorded a solo album “Love Harmonica” (TWAD115) for TWA in his home studio; this led to live work with a band dubbed Greedy's People and the re-recording in full band mode and subsequent re-release of the album. This new version of the album also on TWA, retitled “Greedy's People”, included a bonus recording of The Carpenters' Close to You and Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talking. 


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