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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Post 540 - Gino Cunico & Fugitive - Everytime I See Your Picture - Nothin's Like Nothin'

The Affair, a pop music group formed in 1966 as The Gino Affair were initially led by lead singer and former child actor, Gino Cunico, by mid-year Cunico left to join The Executives. After that he went on to release an LP with fellow Executive Ray Burton "Strive, Seek, Find" (which can be downloaded at post # 302). He also released a few singles and LP’s in the 70’s in the U.S. The single here for you to download “Everytime I See Your Picture” B/w Nothin’s Like Nothin’” (ZS-1206) is a single he recorded for Wizard Records in 1984 with Fugitive. I have no idea what or who Fugitive are and not much info on this single at all. It was produced by Robie Porter, so maybe someone out there might know more about this recording and will let us know.. 

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