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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Post 573 - Coconut Rough LP

Coconut Rough was formed in 1982 by lead singer Andrew Snoid, formerly with New Zealand bands The Whizz Kids, Pop Mechanix and Australian-based New Zealand group The Swingers, and guitarist Mark Bell. Bell later joined Snoid in a reformed Pop Mechanix. Other member were Dennis "Choc" Te Whare, keyboardist Stuart Pearce and drummer Paul Hewitt - and later guitarist Bones Hillman.They decided on the name "Coconut Rough" based on a type of sweet treat popular in Australia and New Zealand. The band's biggest hit was also their first single - "Sierra Leone" hit the top five in the 1983 New Zealand pop charts. The song was aided by one of the first New Zealand music videos with special effects. In 2001, "Sierra Leone" was voted the 94th best New Zealand song of all time by members of APRA.They were an opening act for The Police at their Western Springs concert in 1984, but had folded before the end of that year. Here's their one and olny LP recorded in 1984 for Mushroom Records "Coconut Rough" (L38216). The album was produced by Dave Marett and engineered by Graeme Myhre. It was recorded at Mandrill Studios in Auckland. Phil Judd did the painting for the front cover.mp3

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