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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Post 576 - Arnhem - Tropical Love - Dreamtime

I’m not too sure who “Arnhem” was but I thought I heard somewhere that they were an Aborigine group, like Yothu Yindi, but in saying that they don't sound like it at all. I looked up the name again and the closest I came to was "Arnhem Land", one of the five regions of the Northern Territory. All I can tell you is it's one of the largest Aboriginal Reserves in Australia. And that's how I assume these guys could have come from that area and how the name came about. All my books say is that they released the one single “Tropical Love” b/w “Dreamtime” (PRS 2593) for EMI. The book gives no other info like band members or where from. The single was produced by Christo and released in 1978. So once again maybe someone out there knows some more on these guys and will kindly drop us a line.   Thanks to Tim for this rare gem and Badger and Tim for  contacting their contacts in the hope of finding out more on the band but it seems they are a bit of a mystery to all. mp3 

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Anonymous said...

thanx for posting.
FYI: Arnhem is also the name of a city in the Netherlands. In the 70's there was a popgroup from that city called "Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers" (famous in The Netherlands and Germany), in 1972/1973 they had a sideproject called "Arnhem" (two 7"'s released, see