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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Post 578 - Spaniards - Locked In A Dance

In 1983, Billy Miller formed The Spaniards with Mick Pealing ex Stars/Ideals on vocals and Mark Mannock ex Ideals on keyboards. The Spaniards utilised other musicians as required like Dave Springfield, Kevin Purcell, Russell Brown and John Annas. The band released three singles plus a mini LP here for you to download “Locked In A Dance” (EMM.430038) for EMI in 1986.  Additional players on the track “God Is A Shield” were Hendrick de Fries, James Freud and Wayne Young. mp3


bonnie bianco said...

includes he briliant # 59 angel.

sharma said...

Mark S Berry is presently at the helm of the Attack Group of companies, an independent media company. His Canadian productions have included I Mother Earth, two platinum albums for The Headstones, The Killjoys, Nothing In Particular, Fence, Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) platinum solo effort, and Up Close & Alone.