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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Post 580 - Cats Under Pressure - Singles

Simon Hussey was working as a record producer on a single by the Lisa Bade Band which included guitarist Mark Greg.  When he formed Cats Under Pressure  in 1984 with himself on guitar, keyboards and backing vocals; Mark Greig on guitar and David Reyne (ex-Australian Crawl) on drums and lead vocals. They issued a self-titled mini LP on Freestyle Records, the label owned by Reyne's former band mates from Australian Crawl. It was produced by David Reyne's older brother, James, who was still Australian Crawl's lead singer. Cats Under Pressure followed with a single, "Let Me Be" b/w “Polar Notch” (FREE-0001), which was co-written by Hussey with David Reyne. A second single followed in 1985 “On Again Off Again” b/w “Ping Pong” (FREE-0006) this single was produced by Ian “Mack” MaKenzie and Hussey. During the 1980s and 1990s Hussey was a legal reporter transcribing court cases when not working in the music industry. Greig joined Australian Crawl until they disbanded in 1986. Reyne sang backing vocals on Chantoozies most popular tracks "Witch Queen", “He's Gonna Step On You Again" and "Love the One You're With”. He also began his acting career with a minor role in the 1983 film, Skin Deep. At the April 1985 TV Week Logie Awards ceremony, he won the 1984 Best New Talent Logie for his work in the ongoing role of Martin Kabel in the ABC series Sweet and Sour. These are the only two singles released by the band as well as the mini LP in 1984 which I’m yet to find a copy. A big thanks to Alan who provided me with the 2nd single as well as the A side to the 1st as mine was scratched pretty bad when I dug it out. mp3


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Thank you so much for this!! I tried looking for it all over the net a couple of years ago, and could hardly even find a mention of it. Thanks for some great, and occasional frightful trips down memory lane :)

Anonymous said...

Thank Oz

A real 80;s treasure.



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