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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Post 581 - Delilah - The Singles

There is no doubt about it; Delilah is a born performer, a born entertainer. At the early age of 4 years Delilah was entertaining neighborhood kids in her backyard in Baltimore, Maryland, charging one cent for admission. Later, inspired by the gospel music of her church choir, more interested in singing in school concerts then reading textbooks, Delilah with stardom in her eyes, headed for San Francisco, singing Jazz and Rhythm & Blues in a Pizza Parlor. A trip to Australia in the early 70s paved the way to an extensive, successful tour of South East Asia. The demand was such that she took in Indonesia, Taiwan, Bangkok, the Philippines and Hong Kong. A trail of rave reviews remained in her wake, wherever she performed. Hong Kong took her to heart, as many then and now are found to do. A weekly television show "Just Delilah" followed amidst modelling assignments and a film. Delilah's desire to return to her favorite country, Australia, was fulfilled when she returned to play in the stage production "The Wiz". It was around that time that Delilah decided to make Sydney her home. Here are Delilah’s three single releases from 1977 “My Guy” b/w “Leave Me” (MS-505), from 1988 “Where Is The Love” b/w “My Guy (New Version) (MS-511) and from 1980 “Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean” b/w “Don’t You Walk That Way” (2079 503). The First two singles were produced by Robie Porter & Tony Hogarth for Miracle Records and the 3rd single produced by Davidson & Neal for Airborne Records. Again thanks to Alan who had the 3rd single as I did not know it existed. mp3 

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