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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Post 593 - Karisma - Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet - Wonderful,Wonderful

Yet another one of those Aussie bands that the books seem to forget about. There’s no listing where Karisma came from, all I can find is that this is the only single release for Fable Records from November 1973. Band members are Kerry Freeman, Dallas De Brahunder, Linda Cornaughton and Jeanette Freeman all on vocals. The single “Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet” b/w “Wonderful, Wonderful” (FB-204), was produced by Tweed Harris at Bill Armstrong Studios Melbourne. So like so many other posts like this one we’ll rely on maybe some relation, the tea lady or the guy that owned the fish & chip shop next door to maybe come forward with some for info on the girls.mp3 

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Tony Francis said...

Hey Ozzie

I can't tell you about the band, but I can certainly fill you in on the song.

It was originally recorded by the wonderful Dutch songstress Bonnie St Claire and her band Unit Gloria ( - it's in Dutch, so use the translator!)

The song was recorded in numerous countries, and Robin Wills at the Purepop blog has spent many years trying to collect all versions of the song known to man (

I have a feeling though that he doesn't have this one!!

My suspicion is that it was probably a studio band Ozzie, as a number of versions in other countries seem to have followed that formula.

To my mind this is second only to Warwick's Let's Get The Party Going as greatest songs not to chart from the 70's. They both should have been multi-million sellers.