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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Post 595 - John St.Peeters & Jane Scali - I Need That Someone To Love - One Kiss Away

Jane Scali was a prominent singer on Australia's "Young Talent Time" hosted by Johnny Young during the seventies. Her numerous appearances on the Don Lane, Bert Newton, Mike Walsh and the Midday Show with Ray Martin has made her one of the most popular and successful female performers in Australia today. John St.Peeters has achieved a number of chart-topping singles, including “Deep Inside of Me”, “High Class Woman”, “So Many Ways”, and “Wonderworld”. He also recorded a single called “Street Kids”, donating royalties to the Open Family Foundation, to help the plight of the youth of today. In 1985 John & Jane released a single for Powderworks “I Need That Someone To Love” b/w “One Kiss Away” (POW 0255), the single was produced by Spencer Lee. In 1986 the couple released an LP “I Got You Babe” but this single didn’t appear on the album. mp3 

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Jeremy Buddle said...

Hey thanks for uploading this song, which has been hard to find: it was the only 1985 pop single remaining on my wishlist!! - I remember it was popular here in Hobart and was often played on 7-HO radio station (now 7HO-FM). On their local Top 40 chart, it peaked at #19 in early June.

From Jeremy in Hobart :)