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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Post 596 - Evan Jones And Y Knot - Mm! Mm! Don't Cha Love Summertime! - Hero (Them's The Breaks)

Yet another one with not much info out there, Evan Jones as far as I can find out is the brother of  Idris Jones of the Mixtures who was not a band member. (They were both in Adelaide band The Gingerbread Men). Evan also released two singles in 1972 "Little Black Spider" and "Jesus Song" on the short-lived Adelaide label Raven best known for the rare Bon Scott/Fraternity single. Raven evolved from Nationwide and evolved into EMS, all three labels rarely distributed beyond Adelaide (despite Nationwide's optimistic name). This Raven label should not be confused with the later reissue label based in Sydney. In 1981 Evan was back with a band called " Y Knot" and released one single for RCA Records "Mm! Mm! Don't Cha Love Summertime!" b/w "Hero (Them's The Breaks)" (103735). The single was produced and written by Jones and recorded in Adelaide's Grapvine Studios. mp3

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