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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Post 597 - The Toppano Family - The Travellin' Toppano Family LP

Enzo Toppano spent 79 years in front of audiences. From the time he made his debut on ABC radio at 13, he was regarded as one of Australia's best entertainers. He was also the father of a showbusiness dynasty. He was born on February 14, 1928, in Broken Hill, the youngest of six children of Italian farmers Leonardo Toppano and his wife, Katerina (D'Appolonia). The Toppanos had left Italy then spent 10 years in Canada before the winters drove them to warmer climes. Leonardo loved to play the piano accordion so he encouraged Enzo and his brother Lou take up the instrument.Enzo very quickly became a performer and left school at 16. He went to London in 1949, where he was many times voted the best instrumental performer on the London Palladium circuit. In London, he also met another Australian performer, Peggy Mortimer, and they were married in 1950. When they returned to Australia they were among the first entertainers to appear on television, with their own segment on Sydney's first television breakfast show.In 1968, Enzo (music) and Peggy (libretto) wrote the musical The Flintstones which successfully toured Australia and New Zealand with the Rudas Organisation. In 1969, they began working exclusively with Tibor Rudas as writers and composers for his organisation in North America, the Bahamas and Europe.The Toppanos proudly flew the Australian flag across the globe, performing in more than 35 countries. Whenever Enzo was asked what part of Italy he came from, he always whimsically answered, ''Broken Hill, mate.'' Here to download from 1975 is The Toppano Family's LP "The Travellin' Toppano Family" (SOELP-10234) for HMV Records. It was produced by Mike Perjanik. After Peggy's death in 2003, Enzo dedicated himself to performing in her memory. He and one of his sons, Dean, frequently performed in homes and institutions for dementia and Alzheimer's disease patients in memory of Peggy. Enzo died in 2013 and is survived by his children Peta, Lorenzo and Dean. Thanks to Tim for finding this LP for the Blog.mp3


Tim Budden said...

Any time one of my works are posted up here is always a proud sight to see. Good one, thanks again! ;~)

woodynet said...

Ozzie, thanks for sharing this one, remember from years ago.



stacky said...

Great post thanks Aussie---saw the family perform(with Ron Frazer) at a theatre
restaurant called the Manly Music Loft in the early 80's. Enzo was a demon on the
piano accordion.

Unknown said...

I have a signed copy of this record, but I knew nothing about the Toppanos. This recording is not listed in Discogs. Thanks for the info.