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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Post 600 - Russell Morris - Sweet Sweet Love (Long version)

For post # 600 (never thought I'd get to 60) a song that I have been asked about for sometime now, Russell Morris "Sweet Sweet Love" the long version. This version has never appeared on any of Russell's singles, LP's, EP's or CD's. It was released on a Channel 7 Telethon LP from 1972  through HMV Records. Morris' career started at the age of 18, in September 1966, with the formation of the Melbourne group Somebody's Image, together with Kevin Thomas (rhythm guitar), Phillip Raphael (lead guitar), Eric Cairns (drums) and Les Allan (aka "Les Gough") (bass guitar). Somebody's Image rose to prominence with a local hit version of the Joe South song "Hush". The band came to the notice of the Groop and, in turn, the Groop's friend and local music identity Ian Meldrum. Meldrum convinced Morris to leave Somebody's Image for a solo career. Meldrum, as Morris's manager and producer, spent considerable hours and money to create a seven-minute production extravaganza around a song called "The Real Thing", and the rest as they say is "History".wav

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Robert Fitzpatrick said...

thanks for this ! have a Merry Christmas !