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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Post 611 - Lovers Dream - Party Line - Live Your Real Life Now

Lovers Dream were a short lived Melbourne band that released one single for Fable Records in November 1971 "Party Line" b/w "Live Your Real Life Now" (FB-086). Both sides were penned by Brian Cadd and Don Mudie and the single was produced by Cadd. If you listen to the A side you can hear Brian singing backing vocals. Lovers Dream were Evelyn Davenport  - Vocals, Roy Davenport - Lead Guitar, Peter Boyle - Bass, Buddy Hooper - Drums. Not much more info out there on this band but like I always say maybe someone will tell us more someday soon. mp3 


Steve Pope said...

At that time I was 8 or 9 And they lived in a bungalow 2 doors down in South Oakleigh.
I remember them playing on the back of a truck in the petrol station at the top of the street we/they lived on.
I vaguely remember the drummer Larry? was going to Vietnam shortly afterwards.

Steve Pope

Steve Pope said...
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