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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Post 614 - Sherbet - Waltzing Matilda/ Free The People - Live On GTK

To celebrate Australia Day I thought I'd post this rare gem I stumbled across on the net. Sherbet doing "Waltzing Matilda" while promoting their new single at the time "Free The People" live in the ABC studios on the GTK set. Can't find a year but I'd say it would have to be 1971 as that was when the single came out. mp3


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ozzie

A nice addition to Australia Day, a day of Aussie music in my house today along with a couple of beers.



AussieRock said...

What a great recording - thanks for bringing this out on such a great day !

Cheers Guy (AR)

Slackjack said...

Daryl mentions "like Sunbury style, because we weren't there" - Sunbury ran Australia Day weekend, 1972-1975 and Sherbet played Sunbury in 1974
He then says "OK Tony"
Bruce Worrall was the bass player when they recorded Free The People, playing the Euphonium.
Their next single "You've Got The Gun" first charted in November 1972.
This leads me to believe this was recorded shortly after Sunbury 1972.
The first time I heard You've Got The Gun was at Oberon, they had just recorded it, and it was snowing, so July-August. Hope this helps.
And big, big thanks for this track and all the work you do bringing these great recordings

Royboy said...

Thank for sharing these songs - always thought Free the People was a great song live also Jungle Jiver but werent as good in the studio release.