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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Post 678 - Noel Crombie - My Voice Keeps Changing On Me - Ninee Neezup

Noel Crombie (born Geoffrey Noel Crombie on 17 April 1953) is a New Zealand singer and former member of the band Split Enz. He fulfilled multiple roles including costume and hair designer, percussionist, album cover designer, and music video director. Prior to Split Enz, Crombie worked as a postal assistant and was also an artist. For the album Time and Tide, Crombie took over the role of drummer, though a year later returned to percussion, with Paul Hester becoming Split Enz's drummer. He is particularly remembered for playing spoon solos during Split Enz live shows. After Split Enz disbanded, Noel formed the band Schnell Fenster with Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner and Nigel Griggs, also Split Enz alumni, and Michael den Elzen. Rayner left before the first album was released.In 1988 the members of Schnell Fenster collaborated with Wendy Matthews, Michael Harris, Louis McMannus, Vika Bull and Lisa Edwards under the name 'Noel's Cowards' for the movie “Rikky and Pete”. Crombie has released one solo single, "My Voice Keeps Changing on Me" b/w “Ninee Neezup” (K9000) , in 1983 while Split Enz took a break. Tim Finn was the only other band member to have a solo release during this break. According to Crombie he had to either release the single or pay for the studio time. In 1996, Crombie assisted Crowded House by designing the stage set design for their final concert, Farewell to the World at the Sydney Opera House. Crombie currently lives with his daughters Hedwig, Griselda, and his wife Sally whom he works with as a freelance designer. They designed the set for ABC-TV's musical quiz program Spicks and Specks. The single was released on Mushroom Records in 1983 and was produced by Noel and engineered by Jim Barton. Occasionally, Noel  gets banned from playing music in the house. He doesn't blame his wife, Sally, for getting annoyed. Crombie's hobby is making instruments out of recycled materials. "Weird, awful things that give you tingle-up-the-spine sorts of noises," he says "Sally will say, 'You can't play that - it's like fingers up a blackboard'." Flac

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