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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Post 680 - Copperwine - Golden Angels - What's In A Day

A terrific one off 1972 single by Copperwine following the departures of Jeff St. John & Wendy Saddington, this new line-up featured the talents of one of our greatest rock journeymen Glyn Mason out front. Post Chain. Coppwerwine then disbanded with bassist Harry Brus going on to play with a who's who of Aussie rock, while Glyn would soon form his own pioneering country/prog band Home for 2 albums, then joined Mike Rudd in Ariel for some of their best albums. He then rounded out the 70's with the highly popular Stockley See & Mason. Glyn & Sam See can still be found gigging regularly around Melbourne as The Pardoners. Thanks Micko for the notes on this great single. My only regret with this single is that they never released an album.  Flac


Slackjack said...

Harry Brus was not in this line-up. The bassist was Wayne Lanham. I lived with Wayne and Copperwine's roadie, Errol in Glebe during this time. I was there during the recruitment of Glyn as Copperwine's new vocalist. Glyn had many great songs and it was sad that Copperwine did not make a greater impact at the time. My favourite Glyn song at the time [and remains so] was "Mussel" which he did record with Home

Ozzie Music Man said...

Thanks for the update Slackjack

AussieRock said...

Interesting single - thanks for the share mate


Micko said...

One that I've been looking for for many many years..loved the A side since it appeared on an Infinity Records sampler 12 x 12 in 1972. I Love Glyn's other work with Rebels, Chain, Home, Ariel & Stockley See Mason..oh & the Pardoners. But I've NEVER heard this B side due to it's scarcity

So many thanks for rectifying that Ozzie

It's very much appreciated