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Friday, 14 April 2017

Post 684 - Fingerprint - Play Roulette - When I Get Out Of Here

After going to the U.K. Neale Johns teamed up with Con Gallin where with session player they recorded an album. In 1977 the two returned to Australia and put together the outfit called “Fingerprint” with Trevor Young on drums and bass player Mark Smith. They recorded a single for Infinity Records in August ‘77 “Play Roulette” b/w “When I Get Out Of Here” (K-6911), Gallin penned the A side with Johns writing the B side. They both also produced the single. Not long after “Fingerprint” broke up with Johns and Young re-formed “Blackfeather” in June ‘1978. The label says from the forthcoming album but from what I can find out “Fingerprint” broke up before an album was recorded.Flac 

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AussieRock said...

Picked this one up also Gary - both sides are great tracks.

Pity this was their one and only release

thanks for the share