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Friday, 14 April 2017

Post 685 - Bob Jones - Butterfly - Lady Love Song

Bob Jones is certainly a man of mystery his one and only single “Butterfly” b/w “Lady Love Song” (WBA-4020) released in 1972 for Warner Bros. Records.  The single was produced by G.Wayne Thomas and a couple of people even told me that they thought it might have been him singing under the Bob Jones name. A few years ago I was in contact with a lady named Brenda who I’m not sure if she’s G. Wayne Thomas’s agent or P.A. but she knew him and we talked about some of his songs that he was after which I had and she wanted to know if I would fix them up for him for a project he was going to do, (which is another story). So I was hoping she still had the same email and I wrote to her asking about Bob Jones to see if she could put some light on who he was.

As luck would have it she did respond to my email and this is what she said…….’Hi Garry I asked him about the Bob Jones single and he recalls producing the single. Bob Jones sang and wrote both sides of the single. After the record Bob met a Spanish girl and moved to Spain and was never heard of again”. Thanks again to Rex for sending me this very rare record to put on the Blog.Flac


rex norman said...

I love the acid guitar leads on both sides. Possibly Mick Liber on guitar, from the Crystal Voyager Band, G. Wayne Thomas's go to guys. Mick played with Python Lee Jackson amongst others. Underrated guitarist!!

Doctor Gaz said...

I'm deeply moved by Rosie's story and your loving sentiments. In 2004 I lost my dear big brother in the same way. From one music enthusiast to another I salute you.