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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Post 704 - Platter Pushers - As Long As There's A Twinkle In Your Sprinkle - Make A Move

This single was released in 1971 on RCA Records, it got a little airplay in Brisbane and surrounding areas, but failed to make an impact on the charts. “Platter Pushers” mainly made up of “Burke & Wills" who recorded a couple tracks for Image records. Members were Jamie Dunne, who later became famous as "Agro", plus, Peter Moscos, Warren Adams, Mick Power & Neil Waddell. The A side was penned by Peter Moscos with the B penned by Warren Adams. Here to download is “As Long As There’s A Twinkle In Your Sprinkle” b/w “Make A Move” (101926). If you listen to the song it actually says "As Long As There's A Twinkle in MY Sprinkle", but, the label had it as..."...YOUR Sprinkle..."! Flac


AussieRock said...

Thank you Gary for this one - the name Moscos caught my attention as I assume he and Moscos & Stone are one of the same.

I wonder if their name is meant to be a play on the Aussie icon Platypus?

Anyhow, keen to give it a listen and thanks for the share

Rex said...

What a cool find, good fun. Thanks Ozzie

Anonymous said...

The Pusher Platters on Youtube