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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Post 705 - John Swan/Maggie McKinney - West End Girls - West End Boys

John Swan OAM was born in 1952 in Glasgow, Scotland, better known as Swanee. He was born John Archibold Dixon Swan. He is the older brother of singer-songwriter Jimmy Barnes, and musician and singer Alan Barnes, and the uncle of singer and stage performer David Campbell. John Swan featured in an ad for West End Draught, a South Australian beer. The brewer provided financial support to Swanee's tours and he in turn appeared in the company's TV commercials. This was a promotional 45 put out by West End Brewing perhaps in the early eighties not real sure of the date because the single has no date of release. It was penned by Les Gock and Chris Mitchell. The B side features Maggie McKinney doing the same song but it’s about West End Boys. Maggie and husband Chuck formed the Melbourne soul, funk outfit The Hot City Bump Band in 1973. Flac

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