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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Post 11 & 12 - Jim Keays - Lucifer Street - Australian Rules 1983 - Lucifer Street - The Living Dead 1981

Born in Glasgow, Jim Keays lived in Scotland as a boy. He came to Australia with his parents and turned 5 on the boat. His family settled in Adelaide, South Australia. The Masters Apprentices were an original band in every sense of the word- sounding Australian rather than English or American and have gone down in Australian music history as legends. When the band finally came to the end in the early 70's Jim began his solo career. In 1980 a band commenced recording an album, the sessions were never finished because guitarist Bruce Stewart fell ill and the band broke up. The only song at that stage was the single to come out of that session, “Lucifer Street” b/w “Australian Rules”. In 1983 (RUMS 001). Also I've included the 1981 single as well of "Lucifer Street" b/w "The Living Dead" (CSP 2208). The 1983 version was produced by John Sayers and reproduced by Duncan McGuire and Jim Keays. The 1981 version was produced by John Sayers and Jim Keays.


Guy said...

Thanks for these 2 great Jim Keays tracks - first time I've heard 'em. Very different to his 'Boy From The Stars' material. Cheers mate


glad you like them more jim coming soon