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Monday, 29 December 2008

Post 4 - Robin Jolley – Robin Jolley EP

Robin Jolley was called into Fable Records to re-work the lead vocal of a Brian Cadd song "Marshall’s Portable Music Machine”, which was a Tokyo Song Festival entry in 1972. The original Cadd vocals surface in places just beneath Jolley’s and you can still here Cadd’s vocal in the chorus. After this was done Robin thought he would fade into obscurity but the single went to number one in Melbourne and top ten in Japan which made him a one hit wonder there. Robin went on to do a bit of television acting in 1977 in the “Young Ramsay”. Here out of 1973 in the Robin Jolley EP (FBEP 187) released on Fable Records which also includes the Japanese version of “Marshall’s Portable Music Machine”. All the songs on this EP were penned by Brian Cadd & Don Mudie, Jolley went on to release a heap of singles for Fable as well as Festival and Lewis & Young Records as well as a LP for Fable. 


Highwayman said...

i was so shocked to see one of my favorite song from the early days here i just could not wait to download the realised it was the Japanese version :-( was wondering if you had english version and also great site some really rare recordings here regards BJ


Hi BJ,

The english version is available on TOMMIX's blog. Here is the link
Thanks for the compliment on the site!

Ozzie Music Man

Doc Dog said...

What a Load of nonsense about downplaying Robin's part in the Hit song Mashall's Portable Music Machine!! and trying to uplay Cadd's part - proabbly little more than most song writers - his piano work by the sounds.
Jolley was Personally known to me for a long time: even his stage presence and aura was far more pleasant and well beyond Cadd's - which probably also contributed to the song's success.

Jolley's singing vpice and style were basically his own - and smoothe.
Cadd tended to squeak along - more like My voice Ha hah ah HA!!