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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Post 189 - Lionel Rose - I Thank You LP

This post has been updated with the original Festival issue of the LP. The Summit issue quality is poor in comparison. Thanks to Woodynet for this one. Lionel Edward Rose, MBE born on the 21st of June 1948 is an Australian bantamweight boxer, now retired, who became the first Aboriginal in boxing history to win a world title. Born and raised at Jackson's Track near the Victorian town of Warragul, Rose grew up in hardship, learning to box from his father, Roy, a useful fighter on the tent-show circuit. According to the boxing historian Grantlee Kieza, Rose "sparred with rags on his hands in a ring made from fencing wire stretched between trees". Rose began his professional boxing career on 9th of September 1969, outpointing Mario Magriss over eight rounds. He had a record of eight wins and one loss, with one knockout. Rose was Australian of the Year in 1968, the first Aboriginal to be awarded the honour. That same year he was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE). During his off time from boxing in the 1970s, Rose embarked on a successful singing career in Australia having hits with "I Thank You" and "Please Remember Me" both songs penned by Johnny Young in 1970. Here to download is his LP for Festival Records "I Thank You" (FL-33,741) produced by Johnny Young. In 1996, Rose presented young burns attack victim Tjandamurra O'Shane with his world title belt, hoping to speed the youngster's recovery. O'Shane, also an Aborigine, had been the victim of an horrific attack in Cairns the previous year. In 2007 Rose suffered a stroke that left him with speech and movement difficulties. Rose is the god father of Ruby Rose Langenheim, an MTV VJ.


Micko said...

Another lost hit Aussie album Ozzie. Mate, you IS da man hehehehe. Not that this is likely to be any lost classic but it does contain 2 hit singles. And even if Lionel's vocal abilities are negligible at best, as one of our greatest sporting heroes, he deserves to have his other exploits given more exposure.

There was a 2nd album "Jackson's Track" which was produced by & included several songs by Laurie Allen (of Bobby & Laurie). This album IS very highly thought of in country music circles, much more than this album, & therefore is a much sought item. I don't suppose anybody would have it out there would yas? :-)

Cheers & thanks for another album I probably won't play after the first listen Ozzie LOL. But it's still part of our wide & varied Aussie musical landscape that many will want to hear & perhaps play more than I will

Ciao ol' boy

kami said...

a mate gave me this on vinyl because im such a boxing tragic! prob wont ever play it but damn it looks good. and now i'll have to track down the second album!! :D
great work mate