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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Post 191 - Les Gock - Everywhere I Go / (I Think I'm) Falling In Love Again

Les Gock originally became famous through joining Hush in 1971. As well as being a guitarist, Les was also a writer and co-producer. After leaving Hush, Gock became a successful music and sound design director in film and television soundtracks. Since that time Gock has earned major awards for music excellence, including Gold Clios, Facts Awards, and New York International Advertising Festival Awards. Gock's reputation as a successful entrepreneur and businessman has been well demonstrated through the success of the company he founded "Song Zu" which has a reputation throughout the world in music for advertising and other commissioned soundtracks. As a solo artist Les released a single in 1977 here for you to download "Everywhere I Go" b/w "(I Think I'm) Falling In Love Again" (ZS-182) produced by Robbie Porter and Les for Wizard Records. Both songs were written by Les.


AussieRock said...

Thanks for this, Ozzie's - while watching your picture viewer over breakfast this morning, I noticed a pic of this Les Gock single and prompted me to investigate.
I was a sucker for Hush in the 70's (shhhh...) so am interested to hear what Les's solo effort sounds like.

Career said...

Umm...loved Hush, loved Airport, as a singer though Les Gock makes a good guitarist!