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Monday, 30 November 2009

Post 192 - The Tremble M's - We Wish You A Mmmerry Christmas / The Triple M Theme

Post 191 marks the beginning of the Christmas Season for the Ozzie Music Man blog. This month we will only post Australian Christmas music. This little Christmas single was put together by the 1985 Triple M team. recorded for Mushroom Records with the B side featuring Dr. Dan with the Triple M Theme. The single was produced by Chris Gilbey and Rod Thomas. Here to download is "We Wish You A MMMerry Christmas" b/w "The Triple M Theme" (K-9909)


Ghost Gunna said...

Thanx 4 sharing this.

I didn't know the MMM theme was released. I was watching this documentary on it:
and they said it was rerecorded for release in 1990 so I was searching for that version.

If anybody has that version please post a follow-up comment. Same goes for the Def FX version too!

Thanx again.

Ghost Gunna said...

I think that doco was wrong. This version sounds like the 1990 version.

Jamie said...

Thank you also. I purchased this single back in the day and I've got no idea where it is today.

Thanks for the great walk down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

My band had a regular gig at the Rose of Australia in Erko through the late 80's and early 90's ... got to know 'Rockin' Rod Thomas really well, he was a regular down there ... had a lot of good times at Thommo's place in Stanmore also. Didn't know he produced this single with Chris Gilbey. RIP Thommo ... I still have a drink our of your 'Thommo's Pub Brewery' Schooner Glass I've kept all these years! Cheers and thanks for the mmmemories!