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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Post 193 - Sanity Clause - Merry Bloody Xmas / Gaylene (I Left A Broken 'Eart In Broken 'Ill)

Sanity Clause?? I hear you ask well there is nothing on Sanity that I can find except that the A side was written by Allan Caswell and Mick Hamilton whether it's these guys under the alias of Sanity Clause who knows. But it's a great little Christmas ditty and the B side was penned by Caswell, Hamilton and Laurie Allen. It was produced for Sanity Clause Productions at Airborne Studios Sydney for RCA Records in 1981. Here to download is "Merry Bloody Xmas" b/w "Gaylene (I Left A Broken 'Eart In Broken 'Ill)" (103879) I think you'll enjoy this record, very amusing. "UPDATE" I just contacted Allan Caswell and he told me that it was "Mick Hamilton and was a name we came up with for fun"...Thanks Allan 9/11/2014

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kami said...

damn straight - one of my fave xmas songs!! ive got the single but now i can put it on a cdr and bug the hell out of everyone for xmas!! thanks mate, thats one mighty fine xmas pressy :D