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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Post 199 - Hush - White Christmas

In December 1972 Hush issued a reggae cover of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (EPW 263) for Warner. Hush were regular performers on Countdown, Australia’s much loved music show, including an unforgettable performance for the first colour episode to go to air. Keith Lamb and Les Gock co-compared Countdown on several occasions. This version comes from the EP "Hush Power". This song was also released as a single, but none of the books name a B side. It's a bit of mystery....


Career said...

I think I can solve the mystery! Believe it was a song written by Keith Lamb, called No One Else. Have the single- should I send it to yuou as an mp3 perhaps? Kind regards, Katy Mack


Yes we would love a copy. Can you please email us at

Ozzie Music Man