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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Post 306 - John Vincent - Owyagowin Santa Claus

Our second download for the season was recorded for RCA Records by popular Adelaide D.J. John Vincent. This Christmas ockerish ditty came from John's 1973 "Owyagoin" LP. Sadly John passed away on 27th March 2009. Here for you to download is the single "Ow ya goin' Santa Claus" (101885).


Kevin Whitford said...

I had the rare privilege of lunching with John Vincent a few years back not long after his health prevented him from full time radio. It was 3 hours I will remember forever: he had a dry wit and perfect sense of timing...and his resemeblance to advertising icon Leo Burnett was frightening! Thanks for posting this pice. Cheers - Kevin

Ian Downes said...

I had this album when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, due to many parties, the album became unplayable.
Can I get an MP3 of the entire album please?
Many thanks, Ian

Ozzie Music Man said...

Hi Ian I will get onto it over the week end. I only have the front cover scan because it wasn't my LP and never got to get the back but do have all the tracks.