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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Post 311 - Mark Williams - Christmas Is A Lucky Time EP

Williams was born in 1954 in the Northland region of New Zealand and at 16 started up a band called "The Face" with fellow classmates. The band went on to win the National Battle of the Bands competition in September 1970, and finished third overall in the grand final held in Auckland. One of the judges at the final was Lew Pryme, and he recognised the potential of the group and became their manager. When the T.V. show "Happen Inn" finished in '73, a new show emerged. It was called "Free Ride" and was hosted by Ray Columbus. Lew convinced Williams to leave the Face and pursue a solo career. Whilst becoming a featured artist on the show, "Free Ride" will always be remembered for launching the career of Williams. In 1974 Williams was signed to EMI by Alan Galbraith. A single was released at the end of 1974, "Celebration", but it was another song from the recording sessions that really stood out. Galbraith had taken a "Vanda and Young" song, originally destined for Craig Scott, and given it a new arrangement. The song "Yesterday Was Just The Beginning Of My Life" was released in May '75 and within 6 weeks was number one on the National Charts, staying there for 3 weeks and eventually falling out of the charts 6 months later. Williams' debut self-titled album came out in June and peaked at number 2. With his EMI contract about to expire, Williams decided leave the shores of New Zealand in pursuit of an international standing in Australia. With him came Alan Galbraith, his new manager and producer of his three albums. Alan had recently taken up a new position with CBS Australia. Here to download is a Christmas EP Mark did in 1985 for Lucky Records, "Christmas Is A Lucky Time" (AS 1266). Other tracks included are "Jingle Bells" & "Schnitzle,Schnotzle & Schnootzie" the last track was narrated by Dee Dorgan. Backing muso's were Dean Kerr (guitars), Phil Scorgie (bass) and Dave Fennel (drums) & The Lucky Sing-A-Long Chorus from Gosford. It was produced in Sydney by Brian Mackness & Dean Kerr. In 2005, Todd Hunter of Dragon asked Williams to join the newly reformed band and in 2006 the new line up released "Sunshine to Rain" on Liberation. Even today, his most popular hit "Show No Mercy" continues to be recognised as an inspirational song and is still used by many as a motivational anthem.

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