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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Post 309 - Phil Golotta - Please Daddy / Back Out On The Road Again

Phil Golotta was with one of the longest surviving Australian groups The Blue Echoes, having stayed together in various line-ups for twenty years spanning early 1964 to late 1983. Golotto who was the lead vocalist was also a successful songwriter; he wrote Jamie Redfern’s 1973 hit "Hitch A Ride On A Smile". Here to download is a Christmas single out of 1973 on Image Records "Please Daddy" b/w "Back Out On The Road Again" (IS 142). The B side is credited to The Blue Echoes and the single was produced by Douggie Reece. In 1977 Phil Golotta and Chris Studdard left the remaining members then recruiting ex-soloists Rod Kirkham (Young Talent Time fame) and Robin Jolley into the line up. A New Group was formed calling themselves "The Echoes".

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