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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Post 424 - The Hi-Fi's,The Cicadas,The Gibsons - The Collective Recordings Of

The Hi Fi’s started out as a trio in Melbourne in the early 60's. They gained a recording contract with RCA, changed their name to “The Cicadas” and jumped on the Beatle Bandwagon with a song called “That’s What I Want”. The stadium show in 1963 which included, Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Robbie Gee and The Cicadas, literally toured the whole of Australia and New Zealand in two weeks. The Cicadas moved to England at the end of 1964 and signed with Phillip & Dorothy Solomon, Manager of the Bachelors, who gave them a recording contract with the new label “Major Minor” and changed their name to “The Gibsons”. The name changed to “The Gibsons” for the sole reason that if they were successful they might have been given free Gibson guitars, which were considered the best in the world at that time. They returned to Australia at the end of 1970 after 6 years without much money but immeasurable memories and experiences. A big thank you to woodynet for this collection for our Blog. It contains all recordings from all three bands and some great art to go with it.

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Brian said...

Thank you Garry & Angela (and of course Woodynet) for this fabulous collection. Where do get it all? Oz music will never be lost you guys are helping to look after it.
Gratefully Brian