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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Post 426 - Mondo Rock - Nuovo Mondo LP

This download has been removed upon the request of Mondo Rock management who will be releasing the entire back catalogue of Mondo Rock albums around September. Please support the artists by purchasing when they are available.

In 1982 Mondo Rock released their third LP "Nuovo Mondo", which reached #2, and yielded two Top 40 hits, "No Time" and "The Queen and Me". The next single, the haunting "In Another Love" failed to chart but John Farnham subsequently recorded a version of the Ross Wilson-Gulliver Smith album track "A Touch Of Paradise" and it became an Australian Top 20 single when it was lifted from his hugely successful 1986 comeback album "Whispering Jack". Paul Christie left the group in Sept. 1982 and formed the all-star band The Party Boys; he was replaced by James Gillard. Here to download is that LP "Nuovo Mondo" (600124) produced by Peter McIan.


jeff in sydney said...

thanks Ozzie MM for all yuor trouble. Never managed to get this, just the 45s, so good to have it.

smithy in sydney

Brookesy said...

Thanks Ozzie, but I can't download.

Brian said...

Thanks Ozzie, You have a great collection of EPs and singles.