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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Post 427 - Monte Video & The Cassettes - Mini LP

Monte Video (aka Murray Grindley) ex member of The Underdogs, was made commercially famous for his 1982 number two catchy single mouthful, "Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang", which made it to number 2 in NZ and also made it to number 11 on the Australian national charts the same year. The song was later re-released in 1983 in the UK on Geffen Records. Later in 1983 he released the single, "Who’s calling?" backed with "All Night Long" and the ultra catchy Egyptian love single "Sheba (She Sha Shoo)"
The album hit the charts late 1983 simply titled "Monte Video" and was recorded at Auckland's Mandrill Studios, mixed in Sydney Australia and released by Mushroom Records and had the previously distributed tracks plus three others, "Hypnosis" and "You Can’t Stop Me Now”. Murray Grindley joined the legendary Underdogs in 1966 and stayed there until around 1972. Here to download is the mini LP "Monte Video" (GHSP-4015). As an added bonus we have put the B side of "Shoop Shoop" 'Don't Mention My Name" (MX60134) which was not on the mini LP.


Wayne Davidson said...

I always loved this piece of fun pop, thanks!

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Recently found the 7" single of Shoop Shoop in my old 80s record collection - I didn't know there were more songs - thanks for the post!