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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Post 487 - Abigail – Biting My Nails – Stay Awhile

Abigail Rogan (born 23 July 1946, in London) Known simply as Abigail, she became best known to Australians as a sex symbol, starting with the television soap opera Number 96 in the early 1970s. Despite common belief, she did not appear nude in the series. In fact it was fellow actor Vivienne Garrett who played Rose Godulfus from the same series who was the first to appear topless on Australian Television. In 1973, after leaving Number 96, she published her autobiography, Call Me Abigail which sold 150,000 copies in its first two weeks of sale. Also in 1973, Abigail made an attempt at a popular music career and scored a hit with a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime... moi non plus", which reached the top 10 in Australia. Although this debut was a success, follow-up singles, including a comedic release with ventriloquist Chris Kirby, were not. She released 4 singles 3 from her 1973 LP “Abigail” for Festival Records produced by Martin Erdman. The fourth single here for you to download from 1976 on Laser Records, a cover of Genevieve Waite’s single penned by her and husband John Phillips (Mama's and the Papa's). “Biting My Nails” b/w “Stay Awhile” (LS-102846) the B side is also a cover of the Bells 1971 hit and produced by Charles Fisher. Tim Curry also recorded a cover of “Biting My Nails” in 2010. Abigail’s last television appearance was in 2002, when she briefly became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. She claimed to have lost 17 kilograms in seven weeks. She was interviewed on Sydney, Australia radio station 2GB on her 60th birthday in 2006. At that time she was living on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Flac

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AussieRock said...

I find myself biting my own nails while waiting for this one to download.
Yep - I was a big fan of #96 (as all teenage boys were back then !) and why did we watch it - yep, you know, to see Abigail. But not for her singing skills of course :-)
Thanks for the share