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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Post 488 - Andy Foxx - The Singles

After Autumn broke up during an ill-fated trip to the UK in early 1972, splitting within just six weeks of their arrival, Steve McMurray, Glenn Beatson and Allan Magsuball formed Mecca, which moved to Canada and after that group split they joined Canadian band Wireless. Tony Romeril worked in Italy for some time, recording under the pseudonym Andy Foxx. The two singles here were recorded by Tony “Afrikaan Blue” b/w “Thank The Lord For The Night” (CTN-7002) and “Venus” b/w “Let’s Work It Out” (CTN-7011). I couldn’t find out much about these recordings, so what better way but to ask the man himself, this is what Tony told me……
“The tracks were released on Catoca Records, an Italian Record Company owned by the guys who wrote and produced  "Middle of the Road's" records. The big hit was "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep". They sold 18 million records in Europe and Britain in 18 months. "Afrikaan Blue" was recorded in 1972/73. And "Venus” 12-18 months later. When I arrived in England and left Autumn I sold my PA system and recorded demos at Morgan Studio which is where Paul Simon recorded at the time. I was playing the demos to a guy at Robert Stigwoods Company and a guy walked past and stopped and asked who was that singing. Of course I owned up, he said I have a record company in Italy for just that type of voice, can you come to Rome with me tomorrow morning and meet these guys. A whole 3 seconds later I said yes. I ended up staying 12 days and recorded both sides of the single over that time. (They were perfectionists). I was also treated like royalty. I ate in 23 different restaurants in 12 days. It was amazing. (Even worth changing my name to Andy Foxx).”

Tony also told me that he had never heard the finished version of “Venus”. Thanks Tony I really appreciate your help and time with this.


AussieRock said...

What a great scoop Gary - it makes it so much better when you can get it from the horses mouth so to speak.
Downloading the singes now
Cheers Guy

RAM said...

Of the pop voices of the 70's Tony Romeril's is one of my favourites, so this was a nice surprise for me. Pity about the rubbish name.... very 70's.

Many thanks Ozzie,