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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Post 491 - Passage – Old Son Behold – I Know

Another one of those Aussie bands that the books and the Net knows little about. Released in 1974 on Warm & Genuine Records and penned by Falls – Miller other than that there’s no producer or city where it was recorded. One of my books says Sydney? So even it’s not real sure. But whoever these guys were it’s a pretty good song and sound, it was the only release which makes it rare in anyone’s book. Here to download is that single “Old Son Behold” b/w “I Know” (2079 901). Like I have said many times with bands like this maybe someone out there knows something about this single and will enlighten us. 

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Anonymous said...

Pretty certain that anything on Warm & Genuine was produced by G. Wayne Thomas.

Love the blog... keep it up!